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Mrs. Lisa Jefferis

Grade 1 Teacher

Phone: 780-998-2747

What are you currently learning?

Currently, I am learning about creating a Makerspace in classrooms and in Learning commons! I really enjoy incorporating creating in my own classroom. I want to learn more about coding, robotics, apps, and building materials that I can use to make concepts come to life for my students.

What school goal most resonates with you?

Our schools’ goal for every students to reach a year’s growth in literacy most resonates with me. I have always had a love for reading. Books can inspire us, teach us, and take us to places we’ve never imagined. As a grade 1 teacher, teaching students how to read and seeing the wonder in their faces when they successfully read a book independently for the first time is such a lovely thing to experience.

What book are you currently reading?

I just started reading “Go See the Principal- True Tales from the School Trenches” by Gerry Brooks. I’m finding it very funny and inspiring.

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