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Mr. Jameson Epp

Grade 5 Teacher

Phone: 780-998-2747

What are you currently learning?

I am learning how to better implement the Reader's Workshop framework into my ELA programming. This is my second year in the Reader's Workshop framework, and it promises to be more intensive and more successful this year.

What school goal most resonates with you?

The school goal that most resonates with me is the teacher-parent-student communication. I believe that the school and families need to work together as a team to achieve the best success for any student.

What book are you reading right now?

Books: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry; Bill Nye, Everything All At Once (audiobook)

What does it mean to be a SouthPointe Shark?

Southpointe Sharks! Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Whether it's a sports team, grade group, or partnerships between divisions, teamwork is #1. One perspective to a "shark" is to be the best, but I believe that to be the best, we need to work together.