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Ms. Melanie Morrison

Family School Liaison

Phone: 780-998-2747

As a member of our school team, Ms. Morrison will collaborate with school-based staff and community service providers to promote mental wellness and support emotional development of our students. Ms. Morrison may work with our school community in the following ways:
• Facilitate the relationship between the home and school environment for students and families to encourage regular school attendance and support student achievement by acting as a communication liaison, helping all students feel welcome in the school
• Make referrals to community organizations as necessary and act as a liaison between schools, community service providers and appropriate agencies, providing a link between school staff and community partners
• Participate in school-based teams to provide support to students and families
• Implement skill-based and strength-based interventions for students (individual and small group) such as building resiliency, development of social skills and problem solving skills
• Enhance personal strengths and coping skills in students
• Provide classroom presentations on a variety of topics related

Please contact the school at 780-998-2747 to speak with Ms. Morrison.