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School Fee Information

SCHOOL FEE Information

Student Generated Funds (SGF) are fees that families are charged. These fees include noon hour supervision, extracurricular sports fees, jr. high elective fees and activity fees (field trips and co-curricular activities). These fees are to be charged at a rate of cost recovery. We are not allowed to charge more for a fee that what we will actually spend to provide the service.


Current Field trip fee - $40.00 for each K-8 class. Currently we do not hold students back from a trip or experience if fees have not been paid. This may be challenging moving forward and therefore may have to change.

2018 - 2019 - Unpaid Field Trips - 4.7% of fees were not collected.

2018 - 2019 - Unpaid Noon Supervision - 5.6% of fees were not collected.

2018-2019- Unpaid Elective Fees-13.3% of fees were not collected.

2018-2019- Unpaid Extra-curricular Fees- 9.6% of fees were not collected.

Last year’s total of unpaid fees was $4305.77

Any unpaid fees are taken from the school budget. This impacts the operation of the school as this money must come from already allocated funds for such things as textbooks, library books, technology and furniture (student desks and chairs).

For the current school year, the following fees have not been paid:

2019-20 - 25% of field trip fees have not been paid.

2019-20 - 26% of noon supervision fees have not paid.

2019-20 - 27% of Jr. High Elective fees have not been paid.

2019-20 - 26% of extra curricular sports fees have not been paid.  

Currently the total outstanding fees owing are $19 524.70 (25%)

Bus fees -For trips taken during school hours we get charged $94.00 for Fort Saskatchewan trips and $241.16 for outside Fort Saskatchewan. After hour trips are substantially more money 

E.g., $305 to Lamont, $410 to Mundare for sports teams to play league games.

Our Noon supervision fee is $84.00 for every class, and $44.00 for Kindergarten and junior high. We currently have 1 noon supervisor for every 2 to 3 classes, and 1 per class in Kindergarten full time. 

We are looking to collect information from parents regarding school fees. If you could please answer the short survey below it would be greatly appreciated.

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