Grade 7 Information

Grade 7 Information

Welcome to Grade 7! SouthPointe School is a K-9 school that follows a six-day, six-period timetable. All junior high students will take a combination of core and elective courses. Core courses are courses that all students must take as mandated by Alberta Education. They are English Language Arts, Health, Math, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. They will have Physical Education daily. 

Elective Courses 

Elective courses are the courses that students choose based on areas of interest. Students at SouthPointe take 4 elective courses throughout the year. The elective courses are split into 2 semesters; students will take 2 option courses during Semester 1 (September - January) and 2 options courses in Semester 2 (February - June).  Currently, all students must register for Construction 7 and must register for either a Baking 7 or Foods 7 course.

Grade 7 Junior High Elective Form 

All fees charged for elective courses are cost-recovery. The course fee covers supplies that are consumed during the course. 

Below is the list of elective courses offered to grade 7 students at SouthPointe School. The list includes a variety of courses representing a diverse range of interest areas. In some cases, due to lack of student interest, courses in the list may not be offered as courses require a minimum number of students to move ahead. 


CTF: Baking 7
Cost: $35/semester
Cookies, sweet treats and more! In this course, students will develop baking basics and learn correct methods of measuring and mixing to create quality baked goods.  Students will also learn about food presentation and kitchen safety.

CTF: Computer Science 7
Cost: $25/semester
Students will be exposed to some of the various aspects of using technology in today’s world. There will be opportunities to work with coding/Scratch, LEGO Minestorms robot kits, Dash robots as well as using the Padcaster for creating videos.  Through their participation, students work through technology challenges to develop valuable life skills.

CTF: Construction 7 (Mandatory)
Cost: $40/semester
Students will develop woodworking techniques, with an emphasis on safety and project management. They will learn how to follow a template and use basic tools to complete projects. Some projects included in this course are napkin holders, puzzles and picture frames.

CTF: Design Studies 7 (previously Art)
Cost: $15/semester
Students will explore art materials, the processes, and ideas around creating and appreciating art. Mediums such as pastels, paint, charcoal, or clay will be explored. Students will study art from different cultures around the world and gain the basic subject vocabulary.

CTF: Digital Design 7
Cost: $15/semester
Do you have a passion for creating? Do you look around and think to yourself “that would be so much better if ___ was added”? Then this is the course for you. You will start off by learning some techniques to help you get your ideas from your head to a page. Next you will choose a project that lets you further explore an area of interest to you. This project could have you redesigning your backyard or transforming your basement. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in 3D printing, vinyl printing and button making. There are limitless possibilities of which direction this CTF option will go.

CTF: Foods 7
Cost: $35/semester
Find yourself hungry after school!? In this primarily hands-on class, students will explore basic cooking skills. After completing a kitchen safety orientation in the first week, the students will start off their food journey with creating snacks from simple recipes.  From there they will venture into working with more complex recipes.

CTF: Learning Strategies 7
Cost: $5/semester
Struggling with organization? Worried about how you’ll keep up with the workload in junior high school? If so, Learning Strategies is the option for you! In this course, students will learn about organization, study strategies, coping with deadlines, and how to best ensure that they will be successful in their school subjects. Through fun activities and regular organization/study blocks, this course helps students to take control of their learning in junior high. 

CTF: Outdoor Education 7
Cost: $40/semester
This outdoor education course will focus on developing skills and attitudes necessary for safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences in all seasons. This course will be primarily activity based. Seasonally appropriate activities such as geo-caching, orienteering, outdoor cooking, biking, etc. The course will include field trips, indoor and outdoor activities, as well as classroom projects.

CTF: Personal Fitness 7
Cost: $15/semester
This course focuses on the development of a healthy active lifestyle through the introduction of lifelong fitness activities in a non-competitive classroom environment. Through the development of skills and practice in yoga, aerobics, and a variety of athletic training methods, students will explore personal fitness goal-setting and lifelong physical well-being.

CTF: Photography 7
Cost: $15/semester
Are you interested in what it takes to create beautiful photos?  This course offers students a look at diverse types of photography such as portraiture, action and landscape. Students will learn about the technical aspects of photography, including lighting, framing, editing and special effects. Students will apply these skills in various photography assignments.