Grade 7 Information

Grade 7 Information

Grade 7 Elective Registration 2024-25

Welcome to Junior High at SouthPointe School!

SouthPointe School is a K-9 school that follows a 6-day, 6 period timetable. All junior high students will take a combination of core and elective courses. Core courses are courses that all students must take as mandated by Alberta Education. They are English Language Arts, Health, Math, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. They will have Physical Education daily. 

Elective Courses 

Elective courses are the courses that students choose based on areas of interest. Students at SouthPointe take 4 elective courses throughout the year. The elective courses are split into 2 semesters; students will take 2 during Semester 1 (September-January) and 2 in Semester 2 (February-June).  Currently, all students are required to take Construction Technologies 7 and Foods 7.

All fees charged for elective courses are cost-recovery. The course fee covers consumable supplies, field trips, or activities related to the course.

Below is a list of elective courses representing a diverse range of interest areas, which are offered to Grade 7 students at SouthPointe School. Course descriptions and fees are linked below.

Students, in consultation with their parents will identify their choices in addition to Construction Technologies and Foods. The administrative team at SouthPointe School will do its best to accommodate students’ requests. In some cases, due to lack of student interest, courses in the list may not be offered as courses require a minimum number of students to move ahead.

To select elective choices, we will be using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. A detailed guide is linked below.

If you would like more information regarding the registration process or any of the courses, please contact the school at 780-998-2747.

Please complete your course preference selection by Friday, April 12, 2024

·         Art 7

·         CTF: Computer Science 7

·         CTF: Creative Design and Production 7

·         CTF: Environmental Stewardship 7

·         Band - Instrumental Music 7

·         CTF: Graphic Arts 7

·         Learning Strategies 7

·         CTF: Recreational Fitness 7

·         CTF: STEM Challenge 7

·         CTF: The World of Food 7