Grade 9 Information

Grade 9 Course Registration Information 2021-22

Complementary Course Descriptions and Fees

We are looking forward to welcoming you to junior high and the following information will introduce you to some of the unique parts of junior high that may be different from what is experienced in elementary school. 

SouthPointe School is a K-9 school that follows a six-day, six-period timetable. All junior high students will take a combination of core and elective/complementary courses. Core courses are courses that all students must take as mandated by Alberta Education. They are English Language Arts, Health, Math, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies. They will have Physical Education daily. 

Elective or Complementary Courses 

Elective/complementary courses are the courses that students choose based on areas of interest. Students at SouthPointe take 4 elective courses throughout the year. The elective courses are split into 2 semesters, meaning students will take 2 option courses during Semester 1 (September - January) and 2 options courses in Semester 2 (February - June). Grade 9 students will select 4 option courses.

All fees charged for elective courses are for cost-recovery. The course fee covers supplies that are consumed during the course. 

Below is the list of elective courses offered to grade 9 students SouthPointe School. The list includes a variety of courses representing a diverse range of interest areas. In some cases, due to lack of student interest, courses in the list may not be offered as courses require a minimum number of students to move ahead. 

Grade 9 Elective Information 

  • Construction
  • Baking
  • Foods 
  • Fitness and Wellness 
  • Outdoor Pursuits